Executive Board 2073/75

The following members are elected to CNG Executive Board in AGM on June 18, 2016.

1.  Mr. Prakash Lal Pradhan  President
2.  Mr. Uttam Makaju Vice - President
3.  Mr. Bimal M.Shrestha General Secretary
4.  Mr. Rabin Pradhan Joint Secretary
5.  Mr. Rajendra Shrestha Treasurer
6.  Mrs. Shobha Sthapit Assistant Treasurer
7.  Mr. Naresh Tamrakar  Public Relation Officer
8.  Mr. Suman Rajbanshi  Executive Member  
9.  Mr. Subir Shrestha Executive Member  
10.  Mr. Sumesh Rajkarnikar  Executive Member
11.  Mr. Surendra Lal Shrestha Executive Member
12.  Mr. Rajan Shrestha Executive Member
13.  Mr. Binod Shrestha Executive Member
14.  Mr. Rikesh Shrestha Executive Member
15.  Mr. Nabin Shrestha Executive Member
16.  Mr. Kiran Awal Executive Member
17.  Mr. Rodesh Shakya Executive Member


The current executive board members' term ends in June 2018.

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CNG 10th Anniversary

CNG celebrated 10th Anniversary in September 2015. Please contact us for 10 year publication.

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