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As described in our by-law, the main objective of Canadian Newa Guthi (CNG) is to sustain and develop social, economic and professional capabilities of Nepalese community living in Canada. Nepalese community is very small compare to other communities in Canada and our community is newer too. Many of us immigrated to Canada not a long ago. Our culture and lifestyle is quite different than Canadian culture, society and lifestyle. While we need to keep our culture and tradition alive within us we also need to embrace Canadian culture and lifestyle to become successful in Canada. This, though sounds easy, is extremely difficult and challenging. CNG has organized a few programs in order to help Nepalese community so that we can achieve aforementioned objective. Our programs are categorized as below:

Community Programs

Cultural Programs

Health Programs

Our sponsors have been helping us in variety of ways including sponsoring the programs mentioned above. Our sponsors can now make payments to our account through PayPal directly. If email address is provided, PayPal will automatically send out the receipt for CNG.

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Upcoming event

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CNG 10th Anniversary

CNG celebrated 10th Anniversary in September 2015. Please contact us for 10 year publication.

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