About CNG

Canadian Newa Guthi (CNG) was established in Brampton, Ontario on September 18, 2005 – the day of Yanyapunhi (the festival famously known as Indra Jatra in Kathmandu Valley Nepal) with the main objectives to sustain and develop the social, economic and professional capabilities of Newa community as well as the overall Nepalese communities living in Canada and Nepal, to promote Newari and Nepalese culture, to spread the message of peace and harmony all over the world, to organize and participate in environmental projects for preservation of the natural wildlife and forestry, and to educate and spread the message of importance of environmental protection.

Since establishment CNG has been organizing two cultural events regulary every year – Samay Baji Picnic and Mha Puja Program. These are cultural programs started by CNG as they provide an avenue to networking among Nepalese community as well as sustain the unique culture. We also organized a few health programs such as Health Hearts, Diabetes Awareness, Arthiritis, etc in collaboration with Heart & Stroke Foundation, Canadian Diabetes Association, Arthiritis Society to name a few.

CNG wanted the whole family to involve and contribute to our objectives and benefit the whole family which is why our membership is based on registration of family instead of individual. This also aligns with the basic concept of theĀ Guthi system.

Canadian Newa Guthi is registered with Canadian Federal Government in 2007. Our business number is 85344 8355.