Community Programs

One of our main objectives is to help and support our community as much as we can. If we compare to other communities, Nepalese communty is very small and many of us immigrated to this great country not a long ago. There are still so many things to learn about this country and working culture. We still have a lot to learn which is why CNG has come forward with community programs so that there is a platform for every Nepalese to engage.

Free Tax Clinic is a new program. This program is developed specially for new immigrants in Nepalese community. Tax issue is always complicated and knowing every aspect of it is a daunting task. Hence, we engaged the professional accountants and trained tax preparer to help the newcomers. We believe this is a great helping hand to newcomers who are still confused and need to learn a lot of things in Canada. Because the service is proficed free of cost, some of the financial burden is taken away as well.


Upcoming event

CNG Annual AGM is approaching soon. Please renew your membership.

CNG 10th Anniversary

CNG celebrated 10th Anniversary in September 2015. Please contact us for 10 year publication.

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